Couple put up warning sign after coyote kills family dog in busy Encinitas neighborhood

Sign to serve as a warning to other residents

ENCINITAS, Calif. - Residents in an Encinitas neighborhood are concerned about coyotes in their area after the wild animals killed at least one family dog.

"I got to him and saw him die in my arms." Kerri Moore said of her family's beloved 14-year-old dog Buster.

Moore told 10News Buster was attacked and killed by two coyotes early Monday morning.

"I got up to come outside to see where he was, and that's when I saw the coyote first ... and then I saw my dog on the ground," said Moore.

It's difficult for Moore to even talk about Buster's final moments. She has had Buster since even before she was married.

"We thought we were in a very, very safe neighborhood and this just really caught us off guard," said Moore.

Kerri's husband, Tom, decided to create and place a sign on the family's back fence on Mountain Vista near Village Park Way. The sign reads: "2 very large coyotes jumped this fence and killed our dog. Be aware of coyotes."

"We were concerned for the neighborhood because we'd been here for three years and hadn't even heard the word coyote uttered in relation to this neighborhood," said Tom Moore.

After just a day of being up, someone scrawled a note on the sign about their dog being taken away and killed by coyotes. Tom Moore said the animals are becoming a problem.

Neighbor Brian Wofford said coyotes have become an all too familiar sight in and around their homes.

"It's been prevalent for the last three to four years, but now it seems to be a little bit worse," said Wofford.

The Moores will leave the sign up to serve as a warning to others in their neighborhood. They hope it will prevent future attacks like the one that took Buster.

Kerri Moore said she hopes people will take the sign seriously, adding, "We just don't want anyone else to deal with this ... it's just too hard. For 14 years, he was my only child, he was with me even before I got married, and he was my life. I'm just not sure how I'll get through it ... but I just hope nobody else has to go through it."

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