Couple claims bogus concert tickets being sold for OMFG concert on Craigslist

SAN DIEGO - A Mira Mesa couple is furious after their New Year's plans were ruined by a pair of bogus tickets to the two-day OMFG NYE party at the Valley View Casino Center.

Ryan Brobst and Paula Trusewicz found the tickets advertised on Craigslist and immediately called the man who listed them for sale. They agreed to pay him $300 for the tickets and met him at a Rancho Bernardo shopping center to make the transaction Dec. 14.

"It seemed pretty legit," said Trusewicz, who was convinced because he had the tickets in a folder along with his receipt and he showed them his ID.

After buying the tickets, Trusewicz texted the man: "These are real tickets right? Sorry, I just want to make sure, LOL."

When they went to Friday night's show, they were turned away by the ticket-takers, who scanned the bar code on the printed tickets and said they were fake.

As the couple left, they said they met other people in the parking lot who had also bought their tickets from the same man, and with the same result.

"He did this to a bunch of our friends and a bunch of other people," said Trusewicz. "He literally made like thousands of dollars doing this." 

Brobst took action. He went on Craigslist posting a warning, and contacted every Facebook friend of the man who ripped him off. 

He also contacted San Diego police, who told him it is a civil matter and that they will not investigate.

10News reached out to the man who sold the tickets. His name and other identifying information was listed on the receipt. His name is being withheld by 10News because he has not been charged with a crime.

The man texted: "I haven't ripped anyone off!!! The person who I sold them to must of resold them because I sent them the email with the tickets!  This is bull**** I want nothing to do with any of this!!!! Now I have to leave town..great"

The man also claimed he is now receiving death threats because of the allegations, which he says are totally false.

Brobst and Trusewicz say they know they have the right man, because they communicated with him via text message several times, and because they met him in person.

"Pay me back," Trusewicz said. "Give me my money."

"Yeah," said Brobst. "That sucks."

10News reached out to the Valley View Casino Center for comment on this story, but because of the holiday, their offices were closed.

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