County waterfront park nearly completed

Grand opening for public is Saturday

SAN DIEGO - It took a lot of work to convince the skeptics, but the county's $65 million, 800-foot-long waterfront park is nearly complete.

"It's been a work of love over the years, it really has," said San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts, who spearheaded the campaign to convince other supervisors to go along. "Frankly, it was an idea that not too many people wanted to go along with."

The project has two different areas connected by a huge grassy area in front of the administration building where parking lots once stood.  

To the north is the garden and park area. To the south is the children's play area with both sides able to enjoy a unique water feature.

"The fountains will pulse water through a number of jets, and we want kids and adults to play in it," Roberts said.

Parking has been moved underground with a 750-space structure going up a block away at Cedar Street and Kettner Boulevard that on weekends will be available for use by those going to Little Italy.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department will patrol the facility 24 hours a day.

"You know, when the administration building was built in 1938, they envisioned surrounding it with something like this," said Roberts. "Instead, there were 1,100 parking spaces. It took until now to get rid of them."

The official ribbon cutting is this Saturday.

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