Councilman: City lost out on $25 million savings because of missing Filner vote

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego city councilman calling for Mayor Bob Filner's resignation is revealing to 10News details about a key vote the mayor's office missed which he said would have saved the city $25 million.

"I think this an example of incompetence and distraction of the mayor's office," said Councilman Scott Sherman, who did not hold back Tuesday how he feels about missing out on saving $25 million for the city.

City leaders were hoping to lower the city's pension contribution this year from $275 million to $250 million and use the money elsewhere.

"Putting government back to where it was before the budget cuts and the downturn in the economy," Sherman said.   

The councilman said Filner was not present for a crucial city employee retirement system board meeting. They needed just one more vote to have saved that $25 million.

"I think he was just so wrapped up into trying to get away from the illegal activity he was charged with that he forgot about taking care of city business," said Sherman. "He just wanted to get out of town."

Sherman said just before Filner left for Paris last month, he did remember to do one thing.

"He upped his city credit cards to their max of $30,000 just before he left," said Sherman.

According to U-T San Diego, Filner asked for the credit card increase and paid for at least one international fare just seven days before his flight.

There is still no word on just how much he actually racked up on those city credit cards but Sherman believes it will pale in comparison to the possible lawsuits the city may be facing for Filner's alleged sexual misconduct.

"I used to sell insurance policies for this type of thing and I've seen companies brought to their knees by one allegation of sexual misconduct or harassment and by the mayor's own admission, we could be in for a lot of liability on our hands," said Sherman.

Yet, Sherman thinks the mayor will fight to the end.

"I don't think it's in his DNA to step aside," he said.


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