Council Candidate Faces Foreclosure

6th District Council Candidate Lorie Zapf Facing A Notice Of Default On Her Clairemont Home

6th District City Council candidate Lorie Zapf is working on turning a tight financial situation into political gain.

"Our family is doing the same thing families across not just San Diego, but people across the country are doing," said Zapf. "We are prioritizing, cutting back and tightening our belt."

Zapf was issued a notice of default on March 30 on the Clairemont house where she and her family live. Her house taken away in 90 days if she and her husband do not pay back what they owe to the bank, which totals more than $7,000.

Zapf said she is a victim of a bad economy and compared herself to thousands of homeowners in San Diego fighting for a loan modification.

"Because there are so many people out there working on modifications, the banks are overwhelmed and these negotiations have taken so much longer than we anticipated," said Zapf.

Her opponent, Kim Tran, says she empathized until she found out there was a second default.

"I've met a lot of people in that same situation. So I know how they feel and I didn't want to make a big deal out of it until recently another default come out," said Tran.

Zapf says one of her husband's real estate ventures went bad a couple years ago in Las Vegas, which was one of the cities hit the hardest when the real estate market crashed.

Regardless, Tran is questioning her opponent's judgment, especially since Zapf is campaigning on promises to bring fiscal responsibility, balance the budget and bring common sense back to City Hall.

"You spend the money you don't have," said Tran.

When Zapf was asked about her response to opponents who would question her fiscal responsibility, she responded that she and her husband were doing what was fiscally responsible for their family.

"We are tightening, prioritizing," she said. "That's the fiscally responsible thing to do and families across San Diego know that."

The county Republican Party has endorsed Zapf and still plans to give at least $20,000 to her campaign.

The Zapfs say they are in negotiations right now to work out everything with the bank.