Coronado looking to replace trees planted in honor of World War II veterans

Half of the deodar cedars are dead or dying

CORONADO, Calif. - Thirty-six deodar cedars line Orange Avenue in Coronado and 18 of them are dead, brown or dying.

"I think it's terrible, especially at Christmas time when they try to decorate them," said Island Barbers owner Pattie Albelo. She has a dead 30-foot cedar outside her shop.

Jess Culpeper with the city of Coronado said the trees probably suffered when dead needles were not regularly removed from the branches.

The trees were planted in the 1950s to honor World War II veterans.

"There's a lot of them that are doing fantastically on the 600 block of Orange Avenue," said Culpeper.

Then, there are some that make the Christmas tree in "A Charlie Brown Christmas" look good.

The city is replacing the dead trees but with what is raising some red flags with the Coronado Main Street organization. City officials said they will try to replace the dead trees with deodar cedars but if they do not take, they will use Afghan pines.

Culpeper said they look very similar and most people will not know the difference. 

Rita Sarich, who is with Coronado Main Street, said they would prefer the city stick with the cedars that have graced the median on Orange for decades. They helped make Orange Avenue a "Great American Main Street" in 2001.

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