Coronado Bridge reopened after hours-long shutdown

Motorists: Shutdown ruined Valentine's Day dates

CORONADO, Calif. - The Coronado Bay Bridge is back open Friday after a crash caused it to shut down for hours.

10News learned that many San Diegans had their Valentine's Day plans ruined.

The bridge to downtown San Diego is about a mile and half and it takes motorists a few minutes to cross.

But when the bridge shut down Thursday night, drivers had to wait some 35 minutes to cross.

"I'm supposed to go pick my wife up from work. I've got dinner laid out on the table and everything and here it is," said Ben Knolls, who said he was missing his Valentine's Day dinner.

Knolls had to pull over in disbelief and with his wife less than two miles away.

He said he had to make the Valentine's Day call no one wants to make.

"It's just jammed solid. it would seriously take me three hours to get to you," Knolls said over the phone.

The bridge was closed in both directions and police blocked the road for more than two hours -- just in time for dinner reservations.

The shutdown ruined many dates Thursday.

"Flowers and everything all set up on the table," said Knolls. "I'm going to have to figure out a way to get her home."

The California Highway Patrol shut down the bridge Thursday night after a report of a multi-vehicle incident on the bridge at about 6:35 p.m. The cause of the incident was not noted at the time.

Shortly after, the CHP received a report that a person threatening to jump.

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