Coronado boat rescue caught on video

Unidentified boater also assisted in rescue

SAN DIEGO - New video is shedding light on a dramatic boat rescue involving five people that happened about two miles south of Coronado on Thursday.

Video captured by a San Diego Harbor Police camera mounted on the coast shows a family of five escaping a sinking boat just south of the Coronado Bay Bridge.

During the ordeal, one of the adult males, Natty Tsabari, is seen frantically trying to scoop large buckets of water from the boat as his sons, niece and brother-in-law try to stay dry for as long as they can.

About a minute later, a man in a white boat appears and begins helping evacuate the children.

It was a much more frightening scene than what appears.

"And then I started to cry because I thought that I wasn't going to be safe at home," said Abraham Tsabari, one of the children rescued.

With the kids safely on the Good Samaritan's boat, Natty Tsabari and his brother-in-law had to jump in the water as the boat flips and then becomes submerged.

A Navy boat then helps rescue the two men in the water.

The hull of the boat was later dragged to shore by a Coast Guard vessel.

The family told 10News that the boat had a malfunction with the water pump and they started taking on water.

They were able to call 911 for help using their cellphones.

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