Convicted killer who stabbed elderly woman 55 times to be released from prison

SAN DIEGO - A convicted killer who stabbed an elderly woman 55 times and then watched her die is about to be released from prison because she herself is now dying.

The children of Ruby Hicks contacted 10News, angry their mother's killer, Delores Jackson, will not serve her full sentence.

"It's very rough on us and today it's just like … oh man," said Pretretia Dunlap.

It is 10 years to the day since Dunlap walked into her 70-year-old mother's home in the Mountain View community and found her mother stabbed to death.

"She stabbed my mother 55 times," said Dunlap. "That's horrible."

It was Hicks' childhood friend, 69-year-old Jackson, who would later be convicted of her murder.

Prosecutors say Jackson turned to a life of drugs and prostitution while Hicks was always there to offer Jackson food, money and shelter when she needed it.

"I said, 'We loved you,'" added Dunlap. "'We knew you as an aunt to us as we were little kids growing up.'"

On March 4, 2004, Hicks asked Jackson for $175 rent money when Jackson became angry. 10News was told Jackson went to the kitchen and grabbed a butcher knife.

"She said a prayer over her, then she went in her purse and took some money. Then she locked the house up," Dunlap added. "I hope after a couple of them, maybe she didn't feel the pain anymore."

Jackson would later be found guilty of murder. She was supposed to spend 25 years behind bars, which is why Hicks' daughters tell 10News they cannot understand why Jackson is being released early and being released to a convalescent hospital in El Cajon called Eldorado Care Center.

The sisters told a parole board last month that Jackson should remain behind bars, but the board denied the request.

They say she has Stage IV cancer and needs around-the-clock care.

"I feel that they were going to listen to us, but they already had their minds made up," said Hicks' other daughter Pamella McAllister.

Once Jackson is released from prison, McAllister says she plans on trying to ask Jackson why she did it.

"I don't wish this pain on nobody," said McAllister. "I really don't."

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