Convict who made threats to prosecutor speaks out

Ryan McKnight convicted in armed robberies series

SAN DIEGO - 10News on Friday spoke with a convicted armed robber and arsonist who threatened a prosecutor this week following his conviction.

Ryan McKnight compared his crime spree to a Hollywood movie and said he got inspiration from crime movies such as "The Town."

"I asked myself, 'How bad do I want to be rich?'" McKnight told 10News from behind prison glass. "I was willing to give my life for it."

McKnight was convicted of robbing multiple jewelry stores up and down the coast and for setting a house on fire before stealing about $60,000 from the Barona Casino.

He is most notably remembered in San Diego for threatening the prosecutor who helped convict him.

"Watch your ass," McKnight said in court on Wednesday. "Take that as a threat. I'm going to get you."

When asked if he would like to follow through with that if he could, McKnight responded, "No. I'd like to smack him a few times or something, you know, but I'm not a violent guy. I'm really not."

However, he and two others were also accused of robbing a jewelry store at the Fashion Valley Mall with masks, guns and sledgehammers. That was a job he compared to a Hollywood movie, with the ego to match.

"I can do this," he said. "I'm not going to get caught. Who cares if I get caught."

McKnight will be sentenced in December.

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