Controversy over proposed In-N-Out in Clairemont

Residents say zoning prevents drive-thrus

SAN DIEGO - A controversy is brewing over a proposed In-N-Out Burger.

The construction site is along Genesee Avenue, just south of Balboa in Clairemont. It’s 100 feet away from a large condominium complex.

That complex, called Pacific Bluffs, is where some residents say the majority of the shopping center is zoned as commercial, but not the area where the In-N-Out is proposed.  That's supposed to be zoned for community neighborhood land use only.

 “No drive-thru restaurants, no hard alcohol, no live entertainment and businesses must be closed by midnight,” says neighbor Michael Puente, who opposes the rezoning project.  “Because there is a neighborhood sleeping across the street.”

The Balboa Mesa Shopping Center is already home to a Kohls and Vons, with $10 million in improvements in its immediate future.

But some Pacific Bluffs residents say not so fast.

“We have only one goal and that is to protect our neighborhood,” says Puente.

As it stands now, the In-N-Out would be open until 1:30 a.m..

“I know my kids are excited,” says resident Franci Nakamura. "If they could eat every meal there they would."

While her family may support the idea, she also says she understands her neighbors’ concerns.

“We do not oppose In-N-Out,” says Puente.  “We are pro-development. What we oppose are changes to the zoning restrictions that protect our neighborhood of Clairemont.”

The San Diego City Council should soon make a final decision.

Check back with 10News for those developments.

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