Controversial sign in the East County suggests motorists should run over bicyclists

Cycling community upset about sign

SAN DIEGO - A controversial and heavily misspelled sign is threatening the lives of San Diego's bicycling community.

It is a white wooden sign nailed to a tree on private property along Honey Springs Road east of Jamul.

The black painted words read, "It is better to run over a bicyclest [sic] then to get in a head on accedent [sic] because they don't share the road."

"Bicyclest" and "accedent" are spelled wrong and the sign-maker used "then" instead of "than."

English grammar and spelling aside, the sign has enraged the cycling community.

"It's lawless," said Hi-Tech Bike owner Buzz Burnett. "I think it's probably a lack of understanding of the motorists of what it's like to be on a bicycle out in that beautiful area."

The East County is a cycling hotspot on weekends. Several people stopped to talk with 10News reporter Joe Little while he was investigating the sign but no one wanted to comment on camera. Several of them said they supported the sign because they say cyclists do not obey the law and sometimes purposely disrupt traffic.

"Everywhere it's intense with bicyclists and motorists," said Burnett.

10News could not track down the property owner or the person responsible for the sign.

A San Diego County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman told 10News the sign is protected free speech. Burnett said it was intense and people need to relax.

"I think everybody needs to get on a bike and go for a ride," he said.

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