Controversial drag show held at University of San Diego despite protests

SAN DIEGO - A controversial drag show was held Thursday night at University of San Diego after Catholics, in the days leading up to the event, tried to have it shut down.

Cameras were not allowed in but the show was sold out.

As this year's Supreme Drag Superstar was beginning inside USD’s Shiley Theatre, so was another on the other side of campus.

A group of devout Catholics, some students, prayed the rosary in protest of the show, which they say goes against everything the Catholic Church teaches and has no place on campus.

 “Who is to say what's wrong and what's right and then yes we do understand this is a Catholic institution. …they made the decision to open up this conversation about diversity,” said Sister Renee Jonce of The San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

“The problem with what the school is doing is that it's essentially saying this lifestyle is not only acceptable but that it’s also morally OK," said Gerry Urbanek, a USD student. "I think that’s creating a conflict and I think a lot of Catholics on campus are feeling defensive about that."

10News caught up with a mother and her daughter who attends the university after the drag show.

"The way that it was presented was in a very positive way and I think it could have opened some eyes,” said Toni Marcus.

“It was kind of shocking for me to see all of the controversy surrounding it, just because I didn't realize it was such a big deal,” said Toni's daughter, Lauren.

The group that held the prayer vigil on campus says more than 6,000 Catholic students and parents signed a petition before Thursday night’s show in an effort to get it shut down.

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