Controversial book released about Hannah Anderson kidnapping case

Author questions timeline of murder, kidnapping

A controversial book tracing the kidnapping of Lakeside teen Hannah Anderson is set to be released Thursday.

Authorities say Anderson was kidnapped by family friend James DiMaggio after he killed her mother, Christina Anderson, and eight-year-old brother, Ethan Anderson.

Chelsea Hoffman, author of "The River of No Return" questions the timeline of events of the murder and kidnapping between Aug. 3 and 4.

Seeking insight from a forensic psychologist, Hoffman writes:

"According to Dr. Godwin, the level of decomposition of Christina's body, as described within the autopsy report, revealed that Christina was murdered before noon on Aug. 3, 2013."

Hoffman questions whether Hannah's mother dropped her off at cheer camp that morning. According to Hoffman, police documents say DiMaggio picked up Hannah from cheer camp at 4 p.m. on Aug. 3. The two were then spotted at a border checkpoint just after midnight on Aug. 4.

In the book, Hoffman wonders what happened in those eight hours.

The book also details the horrific death of Christina Anderson.

"Christina was bludgeoned to death. So why was her throat slashed through the tape that was used to keep her from screaming?"

The teen has been criticized for her posts on social media including and Instagram.

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