Construction underway on California's newest toll road

SAN DIEGO - Construction is well underway on California's newest toll road, as two bridges have already been built for state Route 11 in Otay Mesa.

The $750 million project will eventually connect state Route 905 with the new Otay 2 Port of Entry, which is just east of the current Otay Mesa Port of Entry.

"We've never built a new port of entry and a freeway together," said Caltrans Design Manager Nicola Bernard.

Caltrans says once the project is completed no later than 2018, it is expected to alleviate traffic congestion in the border region.

"The infrastructure is not enough for today," said customs broker Rene Romero of Am-Mex International. "Otay Mesa 2 can't come quick enough."

Right now, Caltrans estimates the region loses more than $7 billion a year due to long wait times at the border.

"It's $6 billion to $7 billion, and about 60,000 jobs are lost every year due to delays at the border," said Bernard.

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