Connecticut school shooting stirs memories of Carlsbad incident in 2010

Two kids at Kelly Elementary School injured

CARLSBAD, Calif. - The horror of the Newtown, Conn., shooting hits very close to home for many parents who remember the 2010 shooting at Kelly Elementary School in Carlsbad.

Parent Michelle Dastyck was devastated to hear of the shooting in Connecticut.

"It rips your heart out," she said.

Dastyck can feel pain for those killed Friday and for their families. Her twins were in first grade and playing on the playground at Kelly Elementary when the shooting broke out.

"It's like you cannot catch your breath from it, and today I think it hit people very hard because we realized how blessed we were on the day we had our incident. Think it could have been us and for people it's just raw," she said.

Scott Chandler lives across the street and helped hold down gunman Brendan O'Rourke for police. He then jumped the fence and ran to each classroom to make sure the kids were safe.

"It wasn't until I got to the special ed. classrooms that I noticed a blood trail. That's when it hit me; the first part with the gunman didn't bother me. I thought I'm possibly going to find a dead child; that's everybody's worst nightmare," Chandler said.

Clinical psychologist Michael Mantell said the entire nation is in shock, children especially. He said families need to reassure them and give thanks.

"We have to put our arms around our children and say, 'You're safe,' and put our arms around our teachers and say, 'You did a great job. You protected many, many lives,'" said Mantell.

O'Rourke is serving a life sentence in prison.

The two little girls he wounded recovered from their injuries.

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