Condition of mother, three daughters injured in crash involving suspected drunken driver improving

Prayers offered for Will Cunningham's family

SAN DIEGO - The mother and three daughters who were seriously injured when the minivan they were riding in was hit head-on by a suspected drunken driver were showing improvement on Tuesday.

That was good news as students at Cathedral Catholic High School gathered for mass and prayers for the Cunningham family.

17-year old Taylor Cunningham is a student at Cathedral Catholic and a member of the school's dance team. Her father, Will Cunningham, is the head basketball coach.

About 2,000 students, faculty and friends packed the auditorium. The tears flowed.   

"Just tears and hugs… lots of Kleenex," said Ron Marquez, the school's sports information director. "Everyone's been very supportive of the dance team and the rest of the community.” 

Marquez was with Will Cunningham on Monday as he visited two hospitals to check up on Taylor, her mother Alisa and her two younger sisters, Jayden and Logan.

"As a father, he's still processing everything," said Marquez. "He's in the mode of trying to take care of everything, making sure every one of his family members is taken care of."

Marquez said the Cunninghams have a good support system made up of friends and coworkers.

Members of the Dons basketball team were there to pray for their coach and his family. Xavier Williams called the accident "surreal" because he had just seen Taylor at a dance competition hours earlier.

"That's why it's all so surreal… because we love the Cunninghams," said Williams after the mass.

Players of a rival basketball team, the Saints, also attended the mass. Brynton Lemar, who plays on St. Augustine's team, said, "It wasn't even about the basketball, it wasn't about the rivalry. It was about us sending our prayers and our thoughts and we want to let the Cathedral community know we're there for them, and we're praying for him and his family."

Sarah Whelan, who is captain of the dance team, said the mass was difficult for those who are close to Taylor. "We were all holding each other and we're trying to stay as positive as possible for Taylor, but it's really hard."

Several students commented on the lessons learned about drunken driving.

"If you take a drink of anything, even a little sip of alcohol, you definitely should not be behind the wheel of a car," said senior Michael Rosenburg.

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