Concerns raised over speed after deadly crash in Carlsbad

CARLSBAD, Calif. - Neighbors are outraged over a deadly crash in Carlsbad that they claim was a result of a chronic speeding problem.

The crash occurred late Monday near Rancho Santa Fe Road and Calle Barcelona. The impact of the crash split a Ford Mustang in half.

Shelly Kelly heard the accident from her home and called 911.

"An instance of poor decision-making on a driver's behalf changes people's lives forever and it's tragic," said Kelly.

She laid flowers at the scene Tuesday where a driver died.

"I just really wanted to connect with the family who for just the bad fate of timing lost a loved one," said Kelly.

On Tuesday, crews spent the afternoon replacing a 50 mph speed limit sign that was knocked out during the collision, but neighbors say cars go much faster than that.

"They're going way, way too fast," said Edward Jiminez, who called 10News about the speeding problem.

Jiminez has lived in the neighborhood for the last 30 years and says he has seen many accidents and many deaths as a result of speeding.

"There's multiple accidents," said Kelly. "I hear the accidents down here and I call the police department."

A 10News crew brought a radar gun and stood at the intersection for 30 minutes. School had just let out and traffic was congested.

10News only saw one person who was only traveling two miles above the speed limit. But neighbors have seen much worse.

"Between the freeway and here, people will get up to 70 miles per hour," said Carlsbad resident Jody Feagle. "I caught myself doing it and stopped because it's not safe."

It is a safety problem Jiminez calls "out of control." He says he wants something done, such as possibly a lower speed limit through the intersection.

"They will continue to die because it's getting worse and worse," he said.

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