Concerned residents tell Team 10 that missing railing over Ocean Beach salt pool may be dangerous

Team 10 Troubleshooter questions repair process

SAN DIEGO - A railing surrounding an Ocean Beach salt pool fell over and people brought their concerns to Team 10 after they said the city did nothing to block off the gaping hole.
"Somebody is going to get hurt," said Jim Grant, a concerned resident.

"It's at least a 12-foot drop and a low tide you are going to hit your head on jagged rocks," said Grant.

Grant has been taking pictures of the area for years. He warned the city the fence would eventually fall. Thousands of residents and tourists are in the area each week.

"It was hanging on by just a couple of small bolts for a couple of months and it was all rusted out, and it fell into the water three weeks ago," Grant said.

The gaping hole worried Grant and other residents.

"I can absolutely see how people could get hurt over there,  especially children," said Edin Shuster.

Jake Ward, a student visiting the area for spring break said the moss and water made the area slippery.

"This is an issue of safety and it's the governments job to fix the fence," said Ward.

While Team 10 was doing the story, we spotted a city worker on the pier cleaning up trash and doing other work.

Grant wondered why city workers, who come to the area often, can't put up a barrier or fix the fence.

"They have their hands full but in this instance, this is so obvious and so blatant that this needs to be repaired. It just surprises me that city workers haven't fixed this," said Grant.

A few days later, the fence had still not been repaired or blocked off and Team 10 started asking questions to city leaders about the public safety issue.

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