Concern over sidewalk cracks at Lindbergh Field's new Terminal 2

Terminal opened in August 2013

SAN DIEGO - There are new concerns over cracks in the sidewalk at Lindbergh Field's Terminal 2, which opened less than a year ago.

Part of the departure area walkway is blocked off due to the construction. An airport spokesperson said at this point, the issue is just cosmetic.

"Right now, this is only an aesthetic issue, but in the long term these cracks could cause a maintenance issue or even a safety issue," said Rebecca Bloomfield, a spokesperson for Lindbergh Field.

Bloomfield said this is a preventative measure.

"We did notice these cracks as soon as it was completed so that's why we've been getting through the process and that's why we want to do it early," Bloomfield added.

"Never affected us before, didn't affect us today," said traveler Ben White, who was on his way to Seattle.

Other travelers, though, questioned the work being done on the new terminal.

"They should have done it right the first time, perhaps, and not have to go back and do it again," said traveler Michael Campbell.

Bloomfield said the joint venture of Kiewit/Sundt was behind the project. Team 10 contacted Kiewit, and a spokesperson would not provide information on whether or not this type of work is typical so soon after the completion of a project. The spokesperson instead directing Team 10 back to airport officials.

"The design and the construction of the roadway [were] done to standards and to specifics. It's the movement of the roadway causing these unsightly cracks," Bloomfield said.

The project costs $1 million -- an expense in the contingency budget, split between the company and the airport.

The project will be ongoing until December.

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