Company doing demos at local grocery store hands out free promotional cheese knives to homeless

Body Comfort company says cheese knives harmless

SAN DIEGO - Free gifts are an effective way to market a product or business, but one company doing demonstrations in a local grocery store is raising some eyebrows with its freebies.  

10News received a tip from a viewer who said a company doing demos in the Ralph's grocery store in Hillcrest was handing out free cheese knives.

The problem is several homeless people in the area heard about the promotion and went specifically to the store to get their free gift.

10News went to check it out. The company, Body Comfort, which specializes in natural body heating pads, was handing out knives.

The representative of Body Comfort who was performing the demo could not understand our concerns, saying "The cheese knife is harmless."

"I see demos like that at places like even like Walmart or Target. They'll like do a demo and hand out different stuff. They shouldn't do knives," said Maria Cabrera. 

Mark and Devon were leaving the store when 10News showed them the "harmless" knife.

"Pretty silly thing to be giving out extremely sharp knives to random people," said Mark.

Doug was passing by and said the knife was barely legal size.

"You could definitely kill somebody with that ... easily," he said.

10News called Body Comfort several times and they did not return our calls.

Rhonda Schwartz said could not believe a company would be so irresponsible.

"No knife is safe," she said. "That specifically has two points on it … and a very sharp looking edge. I certainly would be concerned if that got into the wrong hands."

Ralph's corporate office did contact 10News. They said these demos were taking place in several of their San Diego locations and said once those concerns were brought up, they contacted the company and asked them to come up with other freebies.

When 10News went back, the company was handing out magnets.


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