Community divided over Point Loma High School stadium expansion

Proposed plan includes light towers, extra seats

POINT LOMA, Calif. - Neighbors living near Point Loma High School say they are concerned with proposed upgrades to the school stadium.

According to a community group of residents called Pro Point Loma, the proposed project includes construction of an additional 500 seats, installation of numerous 100-foot light towers, construction of a professional press box and installation of a commercial PA sound system.

"The traffic is going to be ridiculous, the parking is going to be non-existent, the noise ... we don't think that's fair," expressed resident Gibson Pratt. "The line in the sand for us, are the lights and the commercialization of the football field."

But high school football players such as Romeo Epperley feel a stadium upgrade is in order. 

"When the sun goes down we can't really practice because we have no lights," Epperley said. "A lot of times we don't get to practice as much as we can or want to, I think it'd be awesome to have more home games at night."

The campus is nestled in a residential area, where families have placed "Save our Neighborhood" signs on their front lawns. Pro Point Loma advocates worry the proposed expansion would bring the total stadium capacity to 2,500 while the campus provides less than 200 parking spots. Others feel the school district will rent the stadium out to other groups, like sports organizations and churches.

"Thousands of people are going to be coming in, it's going to impact our property values, our standard of living," expressed resident Kyle Griffith, who lives just across the street from the school.

"We were supposed to host a home playoff game but we had to go play at San Diego High," adds PLHS Assistant Football Coach Paul Lawrence. "It was inconvenient getting all our stuff over there, and it doesn't feel like home... if we could get lights, it would help our program." 

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