Neighbors in 2 separate communities affected by recent wildfires thank first responders

CARLSBAD, Calif. - Families devastated by the recent wildfires thanked first responders at two different events Saturday in San Diego County.

The Safety Training Center in Carlsbad had a wall of thank you cards from young children, images of the Poinsettia Fire and firefighters and police from nearby agencies meeting visitors.

Mission Hills High School in San Marcos also had thank you messages and speeches from city officials, including newly-appointed San Marcos Fire Chief Brett VanWey.

Rick Greene and his family met with some of the firefighters who helped save their apartment complex. "It was crazy because even the back of our complex, where the basketball court is, everything was charred," said Greene.

One firefighter responded, "We appreciate the support. I'm glad you guys have somewhere to go home to."

Firefighters in both communities hung large American flags from the top of their ladder engines. Some barbecued hot dogs for the families who showed up to support them.

"We just want to say thank you, we really appreciate you saving our house, our schools, our community," said Greene.

Several firefighters told 10News they do not consider themselves heroes, but rather they are just doing the job they love.

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