Colorado judge orders release of documents on theater shooting suspect James Holmes

DENVER - The new judge in the theater shooting case has agreed to the release of several affidavits and warrants related to the case.

In one document, Holmes' arrest warrant, an officer wrote about asking the suspect if anyone else was involved in the mass shooting.

"It was just me," Holmes responded, according to the report.

Another document reveals that a Batman mask was found in Holmes apartment.

He is accused of opening fire in a crowded movie theater during the midnight opening of "The Dark Knight Rises" on July 20. 12 people were killed, 58 were wounded and 12 others were hurt fleeing the theater.

A receipt from Fandango was also found inside the apartment. According to testimony at Holmes' preliminary hearing, he bought the ticket to theater number eight at the Century 16 on July 7. On the night of the shooting, however, Holmes was able to walk into theater number 9, where the shooting later occurred. 

According to the papers, other items found in Holmes' apartment at 1690 Paris Street number 10 included a variety of DVDs, gun locks, chemicals, a gun cleaning kit, electric igniters, tape and fifty cans or bottles of a liquid.

Testimony during the preliminary hearing revealed many of the canisters were contained layered combinations of improvised napalm, thermite and black powder.

A search warrant for one of Holmes' email addresses revealed new information about Holmes' relationship with Dr. Lynne Fenton, a student psychologist at the University of Colorado. The document shows a CU officer informed an Aurora police sergeant that Fenton had described Holmes as having homicidal thoughts.

The officer said Fenton told her that Holmes had threatened and harassed her via email and text messages.

That same officer told the sergeant she had deactivated Holmes' identification card on June 12, because of that complaint.

Judge Carlos Samour, who was assigned to the case after Judge William Sylvester had to reassign himself Monday, ordered the release of the documents Thursday. It is in response to a January 16 motion filed by 7NEWS and a cooperative group of other local and national media outlets.

Here is a list of the documents released Thursday:

Arrest warrant affidavit:

Related to email search warrant: & &

The package sent to CU:

Related to documents from FedEx: &

Related to the search of Holmes' iPhone: &

Warrant for search of Holmes' computer:

Warrant for search of Holmes' car:

Search warrant for Holmes' apartment:

Search warrant for a neighboring apartment:


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