Colleges, universities across country see increase in applications

Increase in applications boosts competitiveness

SAN DIEGO - Experts say getting into college may be a little bit more difficult these days, as colleges and universities across the U.S. are receiving more applications compared to previous years.

As a college freshman, San Diego State University student Megan Dias knows all too well the stress of trying to get into college. She applied to six different schools.

"That fallback plan is important because if you don't get into your dream school, you still have to go somewhere," Dias said.

A just-released report from the National Association for College Admission Counseling shows 64 percent to 78 percent of colleges are receiving more applications each year. The group believes it's likely because students are so worried they aren't going to get in that they apply to several schools.

SDSU student Tori Hahn, who applied to nine schools, told 10News, "A lot more people lower their standards, too, in where they apply. There are a lot more 'safety schools' people are applying to just in case because they know it's competitive out there."

San Diego State University spokesman Greg Block said it's also become more competitive to get in because of the quality of applicants.

"The academic caliber of our students is also increased. We're at record GPAs for incoming freshmen -- 3.6 and a 1085 SAT score -- and those have been gradually rising over the last couple years," Block said.

SDSU officials said they received more applications for fall 2013 compared to last year. They also can't say for sure how many students they will accept until the budget is finalized next year.

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