College quarterback from San Diego says he was assaulted by players from opposing team

Championship game canceled; 1 player arrested

Winston-Salem, N.C. - A college quarterback from San Diego is nursing his wounds after he claims players from the team he was getting ready to play attacked him in a men's restroom.

Rudy Johnson, who once played quarterback for Horizon High School in San Diego, now plays for Winston-Salem State University's football team, which has nine wins and no losses this season.

The team was scheduled to play Virginia State for the CIAA championship on Saturday, but during a banquet held for both teams on the North Carolina campus Friday, Johnson said he was washing his hands when somebody tapped him on the shoulder.

"As soon as I turn around I got hit," said Johnson, who turned to face his attacker. "Then, when I squared him up, somebody else hit me on my blind side on my head and that's when I fell and I felt about 4 or 5 feet, stomping and kicking at me."

Johnson suffered a black eye, some sore ribs and a headache. He was treated and released at a Winston-Salem hospital and three days later, was already practicing with the team.

A Virginia State runningback was arrested and the team has been banned from any post-season play.

The championship game was canceled and Virginia State was asked to forfeit it.

"I was willing to play them on the field. I was ready to play them on the field, I just don't think they were," said Johnson during a Monday news conference.

Winston-Salem State Chancellor Harold Reaves demanded both the CIAA and the NCAA investigate the Virginia State football program.

"At the center of our complaint will be the allegation that Virginia State University lacked institutional control over its football team when they came to our campus, that they did not provide adequate supervision," said Reaves, who claimed the coach was "more out of control than his players."

10News reached out to Johnson's parents, who are with him in North Carolina. They did not want to talk about the incident until it has been fully investigated.

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