Coastal Commission permit must be obtained for police trailer to stay in Ocean Beach parking lot

Some OB residents want to see the trailer moved

SAN DIEGO - A concerned viewer contacted 10News about a police trailer that currently serves as a substation in Ocean Beach. Some feel the trailer is out of place.

The trailer has been in the parking lot next to the OB pier for more than 11 years now. It was put there after budget cuts forced the closure of a police storefront station that is now a restaurant. 

"It doesn't really seem necessary and it does take up a lot of space that the public needs to use," said San Diego resident Stephanie Jackson-Loeffler. "It seems like it could possibly be in a different part of OB."

That comment was typical of what people told 10News along the OB waterfront on Tuesday night. The people who own businesses nearby, members of the Ocean Beach Main Street Association, said otherwise. 

"It reduces the time that the police respond to our calls," said Ocean Beach Main Street Association CEO Denny Knox. "That's really important to us because if they have to go back to the Western station, that adds 15, 20 minutes."

The city is now in the process of applying for a permit from the California Coastal Commission. Assistant San Diego Police Chief Boyd Long said he hopes the city gets that permit. 

"It's a great deterrent and it's a great opportunity for officers to be able to spend more time in that community instead of having to go back to the police station, which is over off of Gaines Street in the Friars Road area," Long said.

Police use the trailer as a place to write reports, store the bicycles they use to patrol OB and as a place to go to the bathroom. 

"We all agree there can be a better way to do this," said Knox. She said the Ocean Beach Main Street Association is working with the police department to address concerns. 

She said the association is not against moving the trailer to a different location in Ocean Beach.

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