Coach shares family's journey to recovery, hopes to discourage students from drinking and driving

SAN DIEGO - A popular local coach who nearly lost his wife and three children to a drunken driver is sharing his story of recovering with college students on the campus of Point Loma Nazarene University.

Cathedral Catholic High School Basketball Coach, Will Cunningham, shared the stage Monday afternoon with his wife and four children. It has been almost a year since a drunken driver collided head-on with his wife's minivan, critically injuring her and their three daughters. 

Cunningham said the family is having a hard time mentally getting ready to mark that day.

"The closer it gets to it, a little bit more anxiety starts to come onto the family. It's been a journey," said Cunningham.

Dozens of students packed into a recreation room on campus to hear the family talk about their recovery. Some looked shocked as Cunningham detailed the long list of injuries his family suffered. He wiped tears from his eyes as he recalled the moment he arrived at the hospital.

"They said your wife is in one spot, your daughter is in one spot, Taylor, and then the other two, are in another spot," he said.

Cunningham and his son arrived at the crash site moments after it happened last March 17 on state Route 52 in Tierrasanta. The driver who hit them died in the crash. Cunningham said he hopes students who choose to drink will realize their actions do not just affect them.

"This is what happens to a family. This is what happens to a community. This is what happens to the people who are involved who had nothing to do with the scenario that took place," said Cunningham.

His wife and two older daughters are still going through surgeries and physical therapy.

His oldest daughter, Taylor, suffered the most serious injuries. She was in a coma for 17 days. She was an accomplished dancer and beauty pageant winner.

Taylor told 10News she just recently started dancing again.

"Don't ever take anything for granted," she said. "You never know when, like, you can do something that you love and then the next day can be totally different."

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