VIDEO: Robber wearing clown mask holds up convenience store at Bay Park gas station

Incident is one of three in past two weeks

KEARNY MESA - 10News has new video of a robber who wore a clown mask while holding up a local convenience store at a gas station earlier this month.

The incident captured on surveillance video occurred on Aug. 6 in Bay Park. On the video, the robber is heard telling the clerk, "Open up the register. Come on, come on, hustle, come on … open it up."

The clerk does as he is told – which is put everything in a plastic bag – as the gunman tells him to hurry.

"Hurry up. I don't want to blow a hole in you, man," the robber says. The robber then walks out of the store with the bag.

It is just one of three similar incidents within the past two weeks.

The most recent robbery occurred at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday at a 7-Eleven in the 4000 block of Convoy Street in Kearny Mesa.

According to police, the suspect was wearing a clown mask and carrying a large frame revolver when he came into the store and demanded cash. Police say the clerk did not call 911 for quite a while, so the robber fled before officers could respond. No one was hurt.

On Aug. 13, a man with a clown mask robbed a 7-Eleven in Linda Vista. He just flashed his gun at the woman and demanded money. He did not get much – only $50 to $70 and some cigarettes.  

10News went through photos with an employee until she pointed to a similar scary clown mask with a rainbow wig. 10News showed it to detectives in the most recent case, and they would not comment because they did say this was also a scary clown mask. 

After going through the descriptions, the robber has worn dark pants and a black hoodie. Police tell us the robber told the clerk to hurry up in all three robberies. 

No surveillance photos have been released. Police have not confirmed if the same person is suspected in all three cases.

In Tuesday's incident, the suspect was wearing a dark-colored hoody, blue sweatpants and a white t-shirt.

Anyone with information should call San Diego police.

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