Clairemont man walks in on home invasion, chases thieves down the street

SAN DIEGO - A 10News viewer sent in photos of his trashed house moments after chasing two thieves out the front door.

"They just ransacked everything," said Craig, who owns the house in Clairemont.

He says that he returned to his home on Chicago Street at about 11 a.m. Monday when he noticed a slit had been cut in the screen of his back door. When he walked inside, Craig said he saw bags of his items on the floor.

"Kind of walked up to the bags, and I see that there's stuff, a laptop… And I'm like, 'Hello,'" he said.

Craig says that "hello" was met by two men who came running out different rooms of his home.

"Next thing I see is two guys running north up Chicago," he said.

The thieves only got away with a watch. Neighbors reported seeing the men drive off in a dark green or black Ford Taurus.

"It was probably 10 to 12 seconds maybe from start to finish," said Craig. "When I tell the story, it feels like an hour."

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