City working to make streets of Serra Mesa more handicap accessible by installing curb cuts

10News brought concerns over curb cuts to city

SAN DIEGO - Some residents in Serra Mesa say it is a little easier to get around their neighborhood after 10News brought their concerns to the city.

10News first introduced you to Aimee Curry in February. She was forced to ride her wheelchair in the street to get around her neighborhood because there were not many curb cuts.

However, under the Americans with Disabilities Act, state and local governments are required to make pedestrian crossings accessible to people with disabilities by providing curb ramps.

After 10News brought this concern to the city, Curry noticed it was a little easier to get around, thanks to additional curb cuts installed by the city.

"A couple is better than none," she said. "I'm thrilled."

10News cameras caught what looked like brand new pavement and curb cuts along Hammond Drive, Gramercy Drive and Mobley Street.

Although her ride through the neighborhood is better, as Curry points out, there are still intersections where curb cuts are still needed.

Curry still has trouble getting from one side of the street to another.

She added, "My wheelchair catches on the ends of driveways and it spins me around."

The city also admits there is still work that needs to be done. They say they will continue installing the curb cuts throughout the month of August.

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