City of Del Mar wants to ban gun show: Council passes resolution removing Del Mar from gun show name

Resolution urges Fairgrounds to ban gun shows

DEL MAR, Calif. - The Del Mar gun show is one step closer to being banned.

The Del Mar City Council voted unanimously Monday on a resolution to urge fairgrounds operators to terminate the contract with the “Crossroads of the West” gun show.

“We have the highest incidents of gun violence of almost any country in the world. We're tied with Albania. 33 people per day are killed by guns," said Councilman Donald Mosier during Monday's meeting.

Chris Racciato showed up to support the gun show.

“This isn't a bunch of shady people buying guns under the table for cash," said Racciato. "This is a heavily regulated industry.”

Members of the city council debated a resolution that would require the weapons show to remove "Del Mar" from all advertising and would urge fairgrounds operators to ban the gun shows altogether.

Paul Breed grew up in Alaska where he said everyone had a gun.

“The vast majority of gun deaths are not caused by purchased legal guns from a legal entity," said Breed.

Bud Emerson, a Del Mar resident, urged city leaders to take a stand against the gun show.

“We're communicating a terrible message to the young people of our community when we have a celebration of instruments of violence," Emerson said.

The comments provided a good balance of those for and against the popular weapons show. In the end, Del Mar council members voted unanimously to send their resolution to the Del Mar Fairgrounds Board of Directors. The onus is now on those nine members.

“We have lots of gun owners who are very responsible individuals but we certainly have a few who are unresponsible," said Mosier.

The Crossroads of the West has been holding its gun shows at the Del Mar fairgrounds for 22 years.

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