City employee claims Mayor Bob Filner asked her out, placed her in chokehold

'Stacy' becomes 14th woman to accuse mayor

SAN DIEGO - A longtime city of San Diego employee came forward Thursday, becoming the 14th woman to accuse Mayor Bob Filner of sexual harassment.

The woman, named Stacy, spoke to 10News media partner AM 600 KOGO on Thursday morning. She said her encounter with Filner happened at a community function in April.

Stacy, a single mother, said it was her first time meeting Filner, and she told KOGO he took her business card and then grabbed her hands.

"He took both my hands and he held them. He holds them kind of around the wrist and around the hands, kind of so you can't move. I don't think it's a sexual move. I think it's more of a move of control," Stacy told KOGO.

Stacy said Filner then asked her out.

She said the mayor told her: "I'm not asking you out on a business lunch. I'm asking you out on a date."

Stacy said she then told two staff members -- both law enforcement officers -- about her encounter with Filner when he came from behind her.

"With his right arm, he put it around my neck and I called it at that point a chokehold. I know it's the Filner headlock. With his left arm, he put it around my left arm and he clamped it on," Stacy said. "I was basically encased in his grip."

In front of the two other women in uniform, Filner said that he likes to get "really close to my city employees."

At the time, Stacy was hoping his actions were a momentary lapse of judgment. Like others, she did not say anything in fear for her job and the fact that she is a single parent with two children.

After her experience, she said she avoided answering her phone and canceled meetings at City Hall to avoid running into Filner.

After the string of women who have come forward accusing the mayor of sexual harassment, Stacy said she has now found strength to speak up.

"I'm not going to feel ashamed that I did nothing at first. I'm not going to feel like I deserved it or I did anything to entice it because I did not," she said.

Stacy, who has worked for the city for more than three decades, has filed two complaints with the city.

This week alone, four women have come forward accusing Filner of harassment, including a nurse and two military rape survivors.

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