City Council To Vote On Mandating Taxi Cameras

Taxis In NYC, SF And Los Angeles Already Have Cameras

In the wake of two recent murders of cab drivers, the San Diego City Council is considering mandating cameras in taxi cabs.

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3rd Eye Cam, a car security cameras supplier based in the Bay Area, may be bringing its product to taxis in San Diego. The City Council is expected to vote in June on whether or not to mandate the cameras.

The push for cameras has come in the wake of two recent murders of cab drivers. One of the cases involves Mir Sahou, who was killed last September. The body of the suspected shooter was later discovered in the ocean.

Sahou's daughter has joined the campaign for mandated cameras in taxis.

"My main goal in advocating is to ensure other taxi cab drivers are safe out there, that they will return to their wife and kids at night," Savitar Sahou said.

According to 3rd Eye Cam representative David Choi, cab company owners across the country have seen the benefits of installing security cameras.

"With crimes, the general managers of cab companies are telling me it's dropped by 60 percent," Choi said.

The Taxicab Advisory Committee has recommended the camera mandate. Cities that already have taxis equipped with cameras include New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Footage obtained by 10News shows the cameras in action. One video shows a taxi slamming into a teenage boy walking in the middle of the road on a rainy night in San Francisco. The boy suffered only minor injuries.

Another video shows a taxi broadsiding a car, causing the vehicle to flip over. Both incidents showcase the capabilities of placing the 3rd Eye Cam in taxis.

The camera is mounted inside, at the front of the vehicle near the rear view mirror, and has the ability to shoot video both inside and outside the taxicab, which would help keep cab drivers safe against crime.

"I've had a gun pointed at me before," said Tanguay, who's driven a cab for more than 30 years. "I would feel better having the camera in the car."

Tony Hueso, president of USA Cabs in San Diego, said he has purchased four cameras for his taxis. Hueso said stickers will announce the cameras, but they may not stop many criminals.

"They're going to do ... they're going to do it," he said. "Petty thieves want a quick fix."

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