City Attorney's Office reaches tentative agreement with Arevalos victim

Anthony Arevalos sentenced in February

SAN DIEGO - The San Diego City Attorney's Office reached a tentative agreement to pay a woman sexually assaulted by a fired cop $675,000, pending the City Council's approval.

Anthony Arevalos, 41, an 18-year San Diego Police Department veteran, was sentenced in February to eight years and eight months in prison for multiple counts of bribery and assault.

At sentencing, Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Fraser said Arevalos used the power of his badge to violate women.

"That's a crooked cop, and crooked cops go to prison," he said.

Arevalos threatened to arrest women for traffic offenses unless they allowed him to see and touch their breasts or slip his hand down their pants, according to testimony in court.

Arevalos was fired when charges were filed. The crimes occurred between 2009 and 2011.

The tentative settlement reached between the City Attorney's Office and the victim's attorney requires City Council approval. At least two other women have filed claims against the city based on allegations against Arevalos.

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