Church group contacts Team 10 about dangerous rental van

Team 10 rents van and has it inspected

SAN DIEGO - A church group called Team 10 after they say they rented a van full of problems. The group also said the rental company denied that there was an issue.

Team 10 rented the same van and had it inspected and there were more problems than the church even imagined.

Deacon John Johnson has been part of Christ Temple Church in Encanto since 1986.

"God has placed me here for a purpose," said Johnson.

The choir members were invited to sing at a big church event in Los Angeles late last year.  Johnson rented a van at A Plus Truck & Car Rental and Sales on India street where he said he has rented before.

"We rented from this place four or five years in a row and we never had a problem," said Johnson.

Johnson said he picked up the 15-passenger van, loaded it with his wife and church members and hit the road. Things were fine until they hit the brakes when they got into Los Angeles.  

He said an entire seat was moving back and forth and said it only got worse.

"I think half of the seat belts worked," Johnson said.

They tried to be careful but he said the ride home was terrifying.

"We prayed … and it was really a miracle that nothing happened on that trip," said Johnson.

When he got back he recorded videos of the loose seat.

"I realized how bad it was," he said. "I noticed there were no bolts or anchors or anything holding it down."

He said the rental company blamed him for the loose seat.

"He kept telling me that I was a troublemaker," said Johnson.

Johnson called Team 10 and a producer rented the same van. Team 10 took it to Greg's Automotive in El Cajon to have it inspected.

A mechanic said one of the tires was more than 10 years old and the Department of Transportation recommends tires should be replaced after five years. He also said the front left brakes needed to be replaced and there was also a broken lock knob on the door so when you pull on the door, you cannot get out.

Team 10 went to A Plus Truck & Car Rental and Sales to ask about our inspection. The man who rented Team 10 the van said if you do not like the vehicles you can go somewhere else.

Team 10 reported our inspection results to the Department of Motor Vehicles, which has jurisdiction over rental companies.

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