Chula Vistans encouraged to Adopt-a-Canyon, not a highway

Program looks to clean neighborhood canyons

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - Chula Vista residents have had enough, and they are getting creative to clean up the trash in their own area.

Zaneta Encarnacion with the Chula Vista Charitable Foundation told 10News Tuesday they have partnered with the group I Love a Clean San Diego to encourage hundreds of Chula Vista volunteers to stay close to home to clean Rice Canyon or Del Rey Canyon as part of the Adopt-a-Canyon effort.

The foundation awarded I Love a Clean San Diego a $15,000 grant to bring the two open spaces into a program that usually cleans beaches and San Diego's coastline.

Encarnacion took 10News reporter Joe Little on a tour of Rice Canyon to show where the litter that has accumulated over the years.

"Eighty percent of this trash and this debris actually will make its way into the ocean," said Encarnacion, who hoped the program would encourage community groups to participate.

"Girl Scout groups," she added. "It can be a church group. It could be a neighborhood group."

About 2,000 volunteers in Chula Vista regularly leave the city to clean other parts of the county. This new program is expected to keep them close to home.

Learn more about Adopt-a-Canyon here:

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