Chula Vista teen hides in closet, calls 911 during home burglary

Police arrest three in connection with burglary

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - Three suspected home burglars were arrested Tuesday thanks to a 15-year-old Chula Vista girl who hid in a closet while notifying police of the activity, according to the Chula Vista Police Department.

Police said Doyin Oladipupo was home alone in the 100 block of Avenida Altamira at about 1 p.m. when she said she heard someone ring the doorbell and then a window to the house being opened.

Oladipupo, a junior at Eastlake High School, told 10News she heard the home alarm system and then ran into her mother's room.

"[I] took off my shoes because I didn't want them to hear me and I grabbed [the phone]," said Oladipupo.

She called her mother and then dialed 911, before racing into her parents' walk-in closet.

While in the closet, Oladipupo stayed on the line with a 911 dispatcher and continued to update the situation.

Oladipupo stayed calm but she worried the burglars would see her bright new toe nail polish. The dispatcher told her how to communicate.

"Can you tell me you understand by tapping the phone once that do not open the door?" the dispatcher says. On the 911 call recording, a tap is heard.

The dispatcher then says, "OK. Do not open that door."

At one point, while Oladipupo was on the phone, the suspects entered the closet in search of valuables.

"I was so scared because I could see them and I thought they were going to see me … They were just taking things from my mom; all this (a shelf) was filled with jewelry and it was all gone," said Oladipupo.

"Clearly frightened but remarkably composed, the caller remained on the phone with a dispatcher, providing additional information while the (burglars) were still inside, and while officers were responding," Chula Vista police Capt. Gary Wedge said.

"She (the dispatcher) knew I couldn't say anything so she told me to tap on the phone, yes or no, if they're in the room," said Oladipupo. "I just seriously can't believe they didn't see me or didn't hear me or anything … I was so still; don't move or they're going to see you."

A short time later, Chula Vista police officers arrived.

On the 911 recording, Oladipupo is heard saying, "The door is opening."

The dispatcher tells her, "OK, just stay put."

An officer can be heard on the recording saying, "You here?"

Oladipupo replies, "Yes, I'm here."

The officer then says, "If you're in here, come out."

Officers found the three suspects putting property into a vehicle parked nearby. The three suspects were taken into custody after Oladipupo identified the items taken from the home.

Police believe the three suspects likely took part in other burglaries in the area, noting that there were other stolen items found inside their vehicle.

Additionally, the vehicle was reported stolen from El Cajon last week, police said.

Police said two of the suspects were 17 years old, and the third suspect was identified as 18-year-old El Cajon resident Robin Sadik.

The juveniles were taken to Juvenile Hall, while Sadik was booked into County Jail on various charges, including burglary.

Police are continuing their investigation and looking for other possible victims.

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