Chula Vista settles lawsuit over tax: Some believe odd mailer is scam

Settlement could mean refund for many

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - Thousands of Chula Vista residents are getting notices in the mail that could put some money back in their pockets.

The Telephone Users Tax Refund Claim Form began arriving in the mail this week. The form does not have any pictures or easy explanations, and it is not addressed to individual residents. The mailer is addressed to "All Chula Vista Cell Phone Account Holders," which may lead some people to throw it in the trash.

Click here to view/download the form

The claim form is actually a settlement form between the city of Chula Vista and two residents who sued the city. The lawsuit claimed Chula Vista unlawfully taxed residents for the wireless telephone service. The claim form says, "The City denies it did anything wrong."

A settlement was reached that opened up $8 million to refund residents. Residents who receive the form in the mail have to return the form in order to get one of three options for $35, $150 or a full refund for anyone who can show how much they paid in telephone user taxes.

More information on the settlement can be found at

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