Chula Vista officer's Jet Ski collection upsets neighbors: Officer gives his side of the story

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - Nearly a dozen Yamaha WaveRunners are crammed onto a Chula Vista driveway, displeasing some neighbors.

“I'd like this gone. That's the bottom line,” said neighbor John Schuricht.

They are at the home of Rick Rhodes, a Chula Vista police officer.

Another neighbor said, “He has ruined the standards of the neighborhood. He has acted like a bully.”

Rhodes told 10News, “He calls me a bully; I've never talked to the man. I've never talked to him, never had contact with this guy, period.”

Rhodes admitted the personal water craft should have been moved but his health became a problem.

“I'm not taking advantage of having them in the street. That was strictly because I had a stroke,” he said.

Schuricht pointed at two Jet Skis hanging over the next door neighbor's property.

“If it was me, I'd just take a chain saw and cut them off,” he said.

Rhodes countered, “The neighbor next door whose property they're over -- he'd chop them off with a chain saw. I asked him. He doesn't have a problem with it. It’s OK to squeeze them in until I could get rid of them.”

He said he's gradually disposing of them, and that he cannot use one for a while, per doctor's orders.

“That's the only reason they were parked on the streets,” said Rhodes. “It hasn't been there more than a week and a half at the total length.”

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