Chula Vista homeowner has $10,000 statue stolen from yard

CHULA VISTA, Calif. -  A Chula Vista grandmother told 10News her bronze statue worth $10,000 was stolen from her yard.

Norma Bravo said the 5-foot tall statue, which is also a mailbox, was bolted down in concrete.

Bravo's description of the piece is a young boy sitting in a tree and writing on a notepad with a pencil. She said she loved seeing it every day.

"Everybody that passed through here said, 'Norma, that's a beautiful thing you bought. It's gorgeous. It looks so beautiful there,'" she said.

Someone else thought so too. At about 4 a.m. last Friday, Bravo's neighbor heard some rattling outside his window.

"He heard the chains, he got up, he saw the guys pulling it with the truck and then putting it in the truck," Bravo said.

That was no easy task. Bravo said the statue weighs about 2,000 pounds. She had to have professionals bring it over and install it.

"They couldn't handle it just like that, so with an elevator in the truck, they put it down here and they put the cement," she said.

Walter and Inez Coffman, who live a few miles away from Bravo, have the same statue.

"It's a shame, it really is," Walter Coffman told 10News reporter Itica Milanes. "I put concrete to tie this one down. You're going to be damn sure I'm going to tie it down in more than place."

Bravo thought hers was secure enough. She even had bolts in it.

"This is one of the metal screws it had and there's another one that broke," she said "Very sad."

Last week, 10News reported about how the city of San Diego loses $40 million a year in copper thefts.

A scrap metal recycler told 10News anyone could get about $1.50 per pound for bronze right now. At 2,000 pounds, that's $3,000.

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