Chula Vista Animal Care Facility asks people to 'Adopt a Tiny Elf' and take home Chihuahua

Facility says they have too many Chihuahuas

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - The Chula Vista Animal Care Facility is trying to find homes for the many Chihuahuas and cats at their center.

With the large number, facility officials are offering residents the chance to adopt one for a third of the price through the "Adopt a Tiny Elf" event.

"So far, we've adopted out 28 little elves," said spokeswoman Linda Septon. "Our goal is to adopt out 40."

They're not exactly sure why they have so many Chihuahuas, as something like this has never happened before.

While Chihuahuas are popular in the South Bay, facility officials said they there are also too many adult cats.

"Kittens get adopted because everyone wants a kitten," said Septon, who added adult cats are easier to handle in the beginning.

The "Adopt a Tiny Elf" event was supposed to end Dec. 21, but the successful run of adoptions encouraged the facility to extend it.

The Chula Vista Animal Care Facility is open Christmas Eve until 3:30 PM.

To sweeten the deal, adoptive families will also be given two SeaWorld tickets and a tote bag full of goodies for their new animals.

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