Christopher Dorner manhunt inspires Facebook pages supporting him

Supporters say they believe Dorner's manifesto

SAN DIEGO - The manhunt for former Los Angeles police Officer Christopher Dorner has caused a frenzy on social media, even inspiring Facebook pages in support of the homicide suspect.

Dorner is wanted in connection with three deaths and is considered armed and very dangerous, yet Dorner is getting plenty of support on social media.

Several Facebook pages have popped up in support of Dorner. As of Friday evening, one titled "I support Christopher Jordan Dorner" has more than 1,800 "Likes." Another support page has more than 1,900 "Likes."

On the pages are thousands of posts.

One person called Dorner "a man with morals and a hero. [A] real rebel with a cause ... have respect for a man who is willing to die for something instead of living for nothing."

In Dorner's manifesto, he claims he was fired from the Los Angeles Police Department because he reported a superior using excessive force.

In another Facebook post, Jeanelle commented, "I read the manifesto and I believe this man."

Art wrote, "While I don't support Mr. Dorner's killing spree, I feel we owe to the man to demand an investigation into his allegations."

Tony christened Dorner "a real life Rambro."

Kenyatta wrote ominously, "Do what you must ... praying for you."

The Dorner saga has also other led to pages, including one titled "Christopher Jordan Dorner should be hunted down and killed."

On that page, Gene commented, "Hope they can kill him before he murders any more people."

On another page, Jack posted, "He is a murderer and nothing more. You talk about morals and I want to puke."

Will wrote, "Plain in [sic] simple, he's playing god, taking lives. UNACCEPTABLE!"

On many on the pro-Dorner pages, posters have wondered if the sites were set up by police to spy on Dorner's friends. Despite those questions, the visits to those pages continue to climb.

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