Christmas tree prank at Point Loma High School targeted by vandals

25-foot tree on campus vandalized overnight

SAN DIEGO - A Christmas tree on the campus of Point Loma High School has been vandalized and students are trying to give it life again.

The high school is known for its clever senior pranks. Last September, students made a 16-foot giant hamster wheel.

Students and staff loved it, and last week, senior Corlin Palmer got some friends together to come up with a holiday prank. A 25-foot Christmas tree was the answer.

"Every year we do something for Christmas, and we wanted to one-up ourselves this year, so we decided to get a giant Christmas tree," said Palmer.

Palmer and some friends drove to San Bernardino County to pick out the perfect tree.

"We went to a Christmas tree farm and bought the tree," said Palmer.

It cost them about $700 to buy the tree, rent a trailer to haul it back, put gas in the truck and buy lights and cables to prop it up in the school yard.

The tree was a hit, but on Tuesday morning Palmer received a call from a teacher who told him the tree was vandalized overnight.

"I saw it and it was a complete disappointment," said Palmer.

Students swept up limps and branches from the ground. In true prank fashion, they turned the joke around.

"We got some hula hoops from the P.E. class and we made a wreath," said Palmer. They hung up that Christmas wreath over the "O" on "Performing Arts" building.

Surveillance cameras were rolling in the area the students call "the quad," but 10News was told the images might be too dark to get a good description. Nevertheless, the San Diego Unified School Police Department told 10News they have some strong leads and are investigating.

The vandals also cut down one living tree. Students put a sign on the downed tree that read, "Who could do such a thing?"

For now, they are making the most of what is left of their Christmas tree.

"We just think we decorate the top tree and the trunk and try to make it look a little better," said Palmer.

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