Chris Hays accuser shares story with 10News: Former SDPD officer will be in court Tuesday

SAN DIEGO - One of eight women accusing a former San Diego police officer of sexually harassing or assaulting them while on duty is sharing her story on with 10News.

The woman does not want to give her name or show her face, but she wants her story told.

She told 10News she and her cousin were on their way home from a bar in October of 2012. The car broke down. Her cousin went to get help and she stayed behind.

She says that is when then-Officer Chris Hays pulled up. He waited with her while the car was towed and then gave her a ride home. She said that is when he made a threat.

"He was like, 'You know that I could take you to jail,' but I was like, 'I wasn't driving the car, I wasn't doing anything.' He's like, 'If you go down on me I won't take you to jail,'" she said.

The woman told 10News she complied. She thought she should do what a police officer wants.

"We pulled up to my house and I gave him oral sex and I got out his car and went into my house," she said.

She said she never told anyone what happened. She has been in trouble with police before so she figured no one would take her word against an officer.

Six months to a year later, she says she got caught shoplifting. Officer Hays was the responding officer. She said he acted like he did not recognize her, but let her go with just a ticket.

She finally came forward in January after she saw the investigation into Hays on the 10News Facebook page and says the case has brought back painful childhood memories.

"In my childhood, I was molested and different things like that, so it kind of just took me back to that little kid who was helpless and couldn't do anything for herself," she said.

Her case is not included in the criminal complaint at this time. Hays is charged in connection with the claims of four women. He is headed to court Tuesday for his preliminary exam.

"I want this never to happen to anyone else," she said. "If there's police out there or anyone who think they can get away with it, they're not going to be able to."

The attorney for Hays has suggested some of his accusers are only after money. 10News asked the single mom to respond to that statement.

"Money can't buy the way that I feel right now," she said. "This is something that you never want to happen to you ever in life, ever."

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