CHP investigators search for evidence in shooting that injured 2 women in Oceanside

More gunfire heard at about 11 a.m. Monday

Investigators from the California Highway Patrol are looking for more evidence in a shooting that almost killed two women while they were driving on Interstate 5.

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The shooting occurred in Oceanside early Saturday morning. On Monday, there were more reports of gunfire.

10News was there as a CHP investigator searched along the guardrail off northbound I-5 with a camera in his hand. He and another CHP officer had just walked a quarter-mile span between Oceanside Boulevard and Mission Avenue, looking for evidence left behind by a shooter with a shotgun.

Another CHP officer confirmed to 10News that more gunfire was heard just before 11 a.m. Monday. As a precaution, officers were then advised not to make traffic stops between those two exits.

Oceanside resident Tish Gallagher lives across the freeway from where Saturday morning's shooting took place.

She did not hear the gunshots but told 10News that she does not like what happened one bit.

"We didn't hear anything," she said, saying that it is concerning what took place.  "A lot of vagrants go over across the street … and we keep our eyes open."

She said she will now keep an ear out for the sound of gunfire.


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