Chilly weather, patchy frost in store for county Monday evening

NWS: No more rain, snow expected

SAN DIEGO - Chilly weather and patchy frost were in store for San Diego County on Monday evening, but no more rain or snow was expected, according to the National Weather Service.

A light coating of snow remained in some areas early Monday from the passing winter storm that dropped up to two inches of snow in some mountain areas and rain throughout the county this weekend. Near-freezing temperatures and areas of frost were also reported early Monday, and a record low of 24 degrees was set in Ramona, the NWS reported.

Gary Kitchell lives in Pine Valley and was headed to Julian to get breakfast at a café. 

"We like to come up early in the morning like this before the tourists start coming up and then you can see the sun glistening through the trees as the ice is melting," Kitchell told 10News on Monday. "It’s the most beautiful time in the morning."

It was such a peaceful morning that footsteps could easily be heard in the snow. 

Tom McWay, who is with the Laguna Mountain Lodge, said he has been bombarded by phone calls from people asking about the snow. They received answers like, "Yes, there is snow", "You can find it on our Facebook page" and "Chains are required."

"[The snow] started coming about 2 p.m. yesterday and just came down pretty heavy and then it just got cold and stuck," McWay told 10News. "It was down to 18 degrees last night, and I think yesterday the high was 31."

He added, "It's just beautiful with the trees. All the trees look like a Christmas tree farm. They're all frosted with white and they're just beautiful with the sun hitting them. [I] hope it lasts."

Forecasters expected areas of frost over parts of the deserts and in wind-sheltered valleys Monday evening along with low nighttime temperatures through Wednesday.

NWS meteorologist Tina Stall said chilly temperatures, with lows in the 30s, could stick around for the next few nights, but "as we get toward the weekend, it may warm up a little bit."

Additional rain and snowfall were not expected, she said.

"It looks like the precipitation is pretty much done for probably at least the rest of the work week, probably through the weekend as well," Stall said.

However, lingering snow from the passing winter storm could cause icy road conditions.

"If you get any melt during the day it could re-freeze again at night, causing areas of black ice, so roads can still be slick," Stall said.

The California Highway Patrol reported that around 6:40 p.m. Sunday, Sunrise Highway was completely iced over near state Route 79. It was later closed on the north end.

The county's Department of Public Works had snow plow crews that worked through the night to clear the roads, but icy conditions remained in some mountain areas.

Snow gates were open on Sunrise Highway about 11:30 a.m., but chains were still required, according to the DPW.

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