Child, father struck by car in Bay Terraces

Toddler taken to hospital

SAN DIEGO - A toddler is in critical condition and his father is recovering at a separate hospital Wednesday after they were both struck by a car.

The incident happened in the 7700 block of Brookhaven Road near Coralwood Drive just after 6:45 p.m. Tuesday, according to police dispatchers.

Police said that boy, who was identified as 2-year-old Alakai Alvarez, was being watched by his grandmother when he ran out into the street and was struck by a black Mercedes-Benz. His 26-year-old father chased after him and was also hit.

Toni Vasquez, a neighbor, told 10News she cannot get what happened out of her mind.

"It was terrible," she said.

Vasquez, a newly certified nurse, was home when her kids told her someone on their street needed help.

"He had no pulse, he was not breathing, his chest wasn't moving," she said.

Initial reports from police indicate that the driver of the vehicle was not speeding or under the influence. The driver simply did not see the child, according to police.

At the time, police did not press charges or cite the driver. But, an investigation is being conducted by the department's Traffic Unit.

"All the little bones in his arm were broken, the little bones in his chest were broken," said Vasquez. "So when you try to give him CPR, it wasn't doing very much good."

The boy, who suffered two broken arms, a broken femur and a fractured skull, was transported to Rady Children's Hospital. The 26-year-old father, who suffered minor injuries, was taken to Mercy Hospital.

Neighbors told 10News they hope drivers will slow down and be more careful in the area, where many kids play.

"My kids aren't playing out here anymore because it's too crazy with these cars here," said Vince Valdez, a neighbor.

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