Child bitten by pit bull in Skyline: Dog shot, killed by police

SAN DIEGO - An 8-year-old was bitten by a pit bull in the Skyline neighborhood, police said Wednesday.

The incident occurred just after 6:15 p.m. in the 7200 block of Lisbon Street at Keiller Park on the baseball field.

The child was bitten on the ear, cheek and arm and was transported to Rady Children's Hospital to be treated. The child's condition was unknown.

The pit bull police say attacked the child was shot and killed.

"Oh, there goes the dog," said neighbor Rochalle Racine in cellphone video given to 10News. Moments later in the clip, three blasts and the squealing dog can be heard.

Racine told 10News, "I was just immediately sad. I started crying."

She added, "I think it was more surprising ... the fact that they had to shoot the dog three times and that we heard the dog squeal. I think that's really what got everybody."

A second pit bull involved in the attack ran off and created an anxious environment throughout the neighborhood. One woman ran up to 10News crews when they saw police capture another pit bull a block from the attack.

"There's a cop down there pinning another pit bull down and strangling it. It's screaming bloody murder”, said neighbor Amanda Cinq-Mars, who was coincidentally out for a walk with her pit bull.

When the Department of Animal Services arrived, police confirmed that the pit bull was not the one they were looking for. However, because the dog was off its leash and barking at people, they took it in.

"It stood up," said witness Anna Hard. "It started barking at us. It had a stance like it was ready to come towards us. We were like, 'Let's go, we got to run' … My heart dropped into my stomach. I was scared."

No one has claimed ownership of any of the dogs. Police spotted the second pit bull involved in the attack several times but it kept getting away. Once it became dark, they called off the search.

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