Chevrolet unveils new 2014 Corvette

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This week at the Detroit auto show, Chevrolet unveiled the 2014 Corvette. It’s the first all-new redesign in nine years. 

It's a big deal for GM, a company that's relying on the iconic Corvette to restore the public perception of the American auto industry. The price of the corvette hasn't been announced, but you can expect it to start at around $50,000. It’s expensive, but cheaper than some of its European competitors. 

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From the Corvette's introduction in 1953, there have only been six other generations of the car. From the outset, the company played up the "fun" angle

In 1963, Chevrolet introduced the Stingray Corvette, a name that's been resurrected with the latest model.

Corvette enthusiasts might take issue with the new square tail lights, but the car was designed to appeal to a younger, hipper demographic than the typical 50-year-old white male Corvette buyer.

The Corvette is a notorious gas guzzler, and while this new redesign isn't going to get you access to the carpool lane, it's more fuel efficient than its predecessor and relies heavily on aluminum and carbon fiber.

Last year, Chevy only sold around 12,000 Corvettes, so they're hoping the redesign will rev up sales. 

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